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Plã, creator of the Instagram sex advice account Bliss Club, debuts with an enthusiastic if uneven guide to outside the box sex. Taking a chatty approach that emphasizes communication and agency (“All too often we wait for the other person to... push the right button. But that’s like expecting a three-year-old child to build a 1,000-piece Lego construction. Unless they are a genius it’ll be a hard slog”), the author eschews a penetration-obsessed sexual model in favor of an approach that “put[s] our creativity to work” (“you can have sex with your hands, your tongue, ropes, accessories, your feet and your head”). After reproductive anatomy lessons complemented by Plã’s hand-drawn diagrams, often with wildly inconsistent descriptive captions (some body parts are defined medically, while the testicles are labeled “we all know someone who knows someone who’s got three”), she provides detailed instructions for sex acts, accompanied by easy to understand diagrams for dozens of specific moves with such playful names as “Ignition On.” There’s also a modest section on other erogenous zones, such as the neck. Though there are some sex-related topics that Plã seems unprepared to discuss, such as contraception (“to be honest, I don’t know what to advise,” she writes; “chemical methods of contraception have a lot of side-effects, natural methods are unreliable... sterilisation is irreversible”), readers drawn to the author’s bubbly, casual tone may enjoy this compilation and find a few moves they hadn’t considered before. This has its moments.

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