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  • Exciting Shape Sorting Family Game: Scramble is a classic shape matching race game to place the shapes in the proper spaces. When the time runs out, your board will pop up suddenly and shapes will get thrown in the air! Try to fill your board before it is too late!
  • Solo Or 2 Players Challenging Game play Set: The sorting board game includes a game base, 18 shapes for each color (red/green), 2 storage compartment and 2 junior version plates. Includes automatic timer and no batteries required!
  • The Goal Is Race To Win: Set up the timer, switch to On and the game starts! Try your best to match every piece to the right space. The game is fun for either solo or two players play. First one beat the clock… or the opponent wins! Some shapes are very similar so… don't even think it is too easy!
  • Tick... Tock… Time Is Ticking: The fast-paced fun game is for all ages. The included junior version plates can convert the board game to 12-shape version. It is easier for younger players to enjoy the game and build confidence!
  • Fun Educational Board Game For Kids: The portable board game which has a handle so it is easy to carry. The educational benefits include fine motor skill developing, shape sorting and recognition training, and problem solving skills promoting; good quality game for early childhood development!
  • Ages 5+

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