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In this new portable game, you receive 27 dice, a shaker, and two grids, which translates tons of fun for you and your kids. Rubik’s Roll is a high energy game of many actions! Play The Shake, Twenty-One, Battle Dice, Trio, and Tower of Dice- all with this one pack & go game! These games involve a variety of skills such as counting, matching, and creating patterns. Game 1 is The Shake: Shake a 9-dice pattern. Then it's a race to roll the pattern match. It's a shake race! Game 2 is Twenty-One: Roll your dice and count one color. Twenty-one is your target. Don't go bust! Game 3 is Battle Dice: Hunt down your opponent's 3 dice. Is it a hit or miss? Someone's got to win! Game 4 is Trio: Choose your color and roll your dice. Place them well. Get 3-in-a-row to win! Game 5 is Tower of Dice: Roll and place dice on the tower. Got steady hands? Topple the tower and you lose! Coming in clear cube packaging inspired by the original Rubik’s Cube design, this challenging game is super easy to store, fitting five games easily in your hand. Pack it along for the car or plane, or simply keep it on the coffee table at home. This is the ultimate cube of fun for anywhere from 2-5 players. Take on your friends or family wherever you are. Who will be the first player to win all five games of Rubik’s Roll?

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