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Write down your deepest wish, tuck it inside your Wishbeads bracelet, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action. Each Wishbeads bracelet features a solid brass cylinder with a screw on cap, and comes with 5 wishpapers and one toothpick to assist in rolling. 

MATTE AFRICAN TURQUOISE - Positivity + Purpose: African turquoise confirms our purpose and reassures us that we’re on the right path. You’ll feel confident and stable when confronting change and discovering new opportunities. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.2cm length

MATTE BLACK ONYX - Protection + Healing: Black onyx is a protective stone, guarding you from negative energy and giving you strength in times of stress. Black onyx helps develop emotional and physical strength in times of turmoil. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.3cm length, Men - 23 beads, 12.5cm length

POLISHED CORAL JADE - Confidence + Motivation: Coral jade will bring you clarity and help you notice all the opportunities available to you. It can help you clear your mind, discover who you are, and who you’re meant to be. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.4cm length

MATTE TIGER EYE - Confidence + Good Fortune: Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that instills fierce confidence. It reduces fear and anxiety and allows your natural confidence to shine through. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.2cm length

MATTE CARNELIAN - Creativity + Passion: Carnelian is a vivacious stone energetic properties. It’s playful and encouraging and helps you shed worry so you can be your bold, spontaneous, loving self. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.5cm length

MATTE GREY AGATE - Balance + Stability: Agate is a stone with an affinity for balance. Its greatest strength is harmonizing and agate can reintroduce equilibrium to a restless wearer. The stone provides a constant, gentle feeling of support that can steady one who is feeling shaky in their path. Wear the stone to achieve peace and balance in all aspects of life. Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.5cm length

MATTE ROSE QUARTZ - Love + Forgiveness: Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It opens your heart to all kinds of love - romantic, familial, collegial, and most importantly, love of self. It also helps with forgiveness, which is crucial in love (and in life). Size: Women - 19 beads, 18.9cm length