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TRUMP ImPeachMint


Due to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord:
For every 20 pack of ImPeachMint purchased on our site!
We will plant a half of a tree somewhere in the world to offset this action.

We are partnering with One Tree Planted to make this possible. 

Each tea pack contains 20 foil sealed TeaBags: 

  • Flavor: ImPeachMint 
  • Ingredient: Organic Tulsi Mint, Organic Rooibos, Natural Peach Flavor
  • Product Net Weight : .05 Oz (1.5g).
  • Quote: "America will never be destroyed from  the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,
  • it will be because we destroyed ourselves. -Summary of Abraham Lincoln speech at lysine.
  • Artist: Daniel Orozco (
  • Number Produced: Will keep printing until impeached, resigned, or removed.
  • Shipped in TeaCube.
  • Organic & KSA Kosher
  • Packed in The USA, imported from Africa.