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Inside you’ll find 40 different boys gone wrong, from The Boy Toy to Midlife Crisis Man, The Gym Rat to The Fixer Upper, and from The Activist to The Couch Potato. Whether you met him at home, at the office, or farther afield, this little gift book will show you how to spot a bad boyfriend from fifty paces.

Special features like the handy “not to be confused with” help you avoid crucial errors in boyfriend handling. For example, no matter how outrageously he compliments your mother, The Parents' Favorite is guaranteed to keep his hands to himself while she’s around. Not so the Boyfriend Who Thinks Your Mom is Hot.

Filled with adorably witty illustrations, interactive checklists, and quizzes, this is an ideal birthday or Galentine’s gift, stocking stuffer, or “cheer up” present after a breakup.