DI Snapback created this jacket to express their ultimate love for the best coast. The Limited Edition California Dream Vintage Military Jacket is a must-have layering staple for your wardrobe. It's yesterday, today and tomorrow, this option will move with you, live with you and change with you each time you wear it. Each pieces is hand selected by DI Snapback's team of designers and stylists and sourced from authentic military vintage sellers who supply them with the highest quality American and European Vintage Military pieces all specifically from the 60's-70's era. No jacket is perfect nor the same, each detail tells a special story unique to each jacket.
Please note: Any worn qualities on these jackets is not considered damage and should be expected of any type of authentic vintage pieces sourced from the 60's and 70's war eras. Each jacket comes with DI Snapback's special care tag, Limited Edition authenticity and is finished with the premium design methods that has come to be expected of their Los Angeles based athleisure brand.