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All HIPPYSISTER SOAP collections contain - 

Certified Organic Oils. I have selected certified organic tree, nut, and seed oils for their fatty acid content and formulated a recipe specifically for dry, mature and sensitive skin. The fatty acid profile of my finished soap qualifies it as a face soap. These are the oils that I use in different combinations:

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Fair-trade Unrefined Organic Shea Butter, Raw Organic Non-deodorized Cocoa Butter, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil & Organic Golden Jojoba.

Clay. Each recipe includes a world renown, Mineral-rich Clay. The benefits of using mineral clay is as old as mankind. Clay effectively removes debris from pores, gently exfoliates, balances moisture levels, soothes sensitive and irritated skin, revitalizes and stimulates the surface of the skin and best of all clay is suitable for all skin types. My clay selection includes:

French Green & French Yellow Clay, Red Moroccan & Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morroco, Rose Kaolin & White Kaolin Clay, Multani Mitti, Pumkin Illite, Black Volcanic Kaolin Clay, Dead Sea Clay & from Australia Pink Pastel, Red Reef, Olive, & Beige Clay.

Silk. Luxurious Silk.  A fine mesh silk powder is included in every single recipe. Silk contains amino acids just like our skin. It is considered a humectant, meaning it helps trap moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Essential Oils. Used exclusively. No fragrance oils or synthetic perfumes. 

Beauty. These ingredients make a great soap. A luxurious bar of soap that I don't believe can be beaten. But that isn't enough! It also has to be beautiful. There is plenty of beauty in every bar.

Art. Each one of my soaps is a work of art. Beautiful and intricate. Each piece looks like it was handcrafted by an artisan because it was. From the sculptor to the soap maker. Just know, these soaps are meant to be used - to clean and nurture delicate skin. As you use your soap, the beautiful design fades... while your skin is nourished with luxurious ingredients. They are beautiful, but not too beautiful to use.