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A toothbrush that both you and your baby will love!

Designed by dentists to make brushing safe, pleasurable and effective. Helps teach babies to love taking care of their teeth. A variety of playful designs to choose from!

Why Baby Hamico?
・Designed by dentists to make brushing safe & effective. 
・Soft, round bristles are gentle on baby’s delicate teeth and gums. 
・Small sized head and short bristles fit comfortably in the mouth, easily reaching gums and teeth.
・Easy-to-use wide handle which prevents over-reach of the brush into your baby's mouth. 
・Playful toy-like designs are baby friendly and make brushing time fun.

- Safe to Use for Ages: 5 – 24 months 
- FDA Approved 
- Made in JAPAN 
- Withstands water temperature up to 176°F
- Materials: 
  Handle - Saturated polyester resin 
  Bristle - Nylon