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Let the stars be your guide and discover who you really are with this guided journal to help you explore and learn more about yourself as the ambitious Capricorn you are!

Learn who you are according to the stars. Whether you’re just starting to dive into the world of astrology or read your horoscope every day, Capricorn: A Guided Journal is here to help you explore your sun sign…and what it really means for you.

Self-reflection can be an important part of a successful astrological practice, and this guided journal is here to help you take that next step to really consider what the stars say about you. First, get a quick refresher on your sign—your strengths and weaknesses and main qualities and goals. Then dive into over 75 questions that are perfectly tailored to help you gain deeper insight into what you really are. From general astrology prompts to questions that touch on your element to prompts that speak to your unique sun sign, there’s plenty to explore and uncover.

Examine situations where you showed your greatest strengths and reflect on how to harness those skills in the future. Face your weaknesses head on and discover ways to understand your instincts, change your responses, and find the good in even your most challenging moments. Perfect for the budding astrologer, this is the book you need to really understand your sun sign…and yourself!

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