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Caress your face with the luxurious Branch̩ Silk Belle de Nuit Eye Mask to protect the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, while inducing a deeper and more regenerative sleep.

Fitted to keep light out which encourages your body's melatonin production that helps restore the skin's natural antioxidant power and promote the growth of collagen while allowing skin's deepest recovery.

Branch̩ exclusive soft fit band is hand sewn by artisans to achieve exquisite comfort and eliminate hair damage with a universal designed size to fit all beautifully and comfortably.

Protect your eyes. sleep your deepest and wake up rejuvenated, beauty's best regimen. Treat your eyes. Get the most benefit from your sleeping hours.

"RECOMMENDED by doctors & sleep experts to increase the body's own regenerative processes including melatonin production, a skin-protecting antioxidant, & human growth hormone, crucial to collagen production... allowing skin's deepest recovery" -Branch̩ Beauty Sleep


  • PREVENT WRINKLES: Allows skin to glide, helping to avoid the development of sleep lines, and if they are shallow enough, helps to let previous ones heal and regenerate.
  • HYDRATE & NOURISH YOUR SKIN: Silk's 18 Amino Acids resemble those in our skin, creating a perfect synergy and balanced pH that help to increase skin hydration. Hydrated skin is more plump, resilient, and bounces back, being less likely to develop lines and wrinkles.
  • INCREASE EFFICACY of SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Silk enhances absorption of your beauty products.
  • SMOOTHER SKIN: Your natural tossing and sleep movements over silk, polish skin's epidermis, resulting in smoother skin.
  • NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC: No mites, mold or fungus, alleviates associated skin conditions.
  • SILKIER HAIR: Silk doesn't rob your hair of its natural oils, making for more hydrated and healthier hair.
  • LESS HAIR BREAKAGE and HAIR LOSS: The slippery surface lets hair glide across the pillow, avoiding unnecessary hair loss due to breakage caused by cotton, your mane will be thicker and fuller.
  • SHINIER HAIR: When you sleep on a silk pillowcase your natural tossing and sleep movements smooth the cuticle layer, resulting in smoother, shinier hair.
  • BLOWOUTS LAST LONGER: Charmeuse Case allows hair to glide, so blowouts & hairstyles last longer. Reduces damage caused by daily styling, and frees up valuable time.
  • LESS FRIZZ NO MORE TANGLES: Curls remain curls. Great for princesses of all ages!
  • FULLER EYELASHES: Whereas, cotton can tug and crease your eyelashes, Charmeuse Case helps to keep lashes healthier. Especially helpful in extending the life of extensions.
Product photographs, information and benefits courtesy of Branch̩ Beauty Sleep.