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Simple, stylish, durable glasses designed with a function in mind.

All glasses are manufactured and assembled in USA.

High quality lead free glass made in USA

Ideally designed to create a decanter you can drink from

Perfect angle allows for an easy 360° swirl just with a touch of a finger

High grade silver stainless steel ball provides stability even with a full pour

Innovative & Functional Design

The weight of the ball provides sufficient center of gravity to easily swirl the drink even with a full pour.

Elegantly designed with high quality glass and a sheered fine rim. New colored steel balls can serve as wine charms.

Unique and Modern Glassware for Wine & Spirits

Aura Glass prevents accidental spills while retaining the simplicity of a traditional wine glass and brandy/cognac snifter.

Easy swirling aerates the drink by blending the aromas and flavors.

Set of 2 glasses