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  • Dog Beverage holders!
  • Keeps your drinks afloat in the pool or hot tub so your refreshment is never too far away!
  • So while you're busy floatin' around, your drink can too!
  • Sold as a 2 pack for 2 lovely drinks - lucky you!
  • Perfect for pool parties or holidays

Just inflate our Dog Beverage Boats, drop in a standard size drink, and welcome yourself to the sweet life. These drink floats keep your cup afloat so you don’t have to interrupt your feng shui just to take a sip! Each package contains 2 Beverage Boats so you and a handful of friends can indulge on a few sugary frozen drinks…each! All our Beverage Boats inflate/deflate fast and are easy to clean and store. Great for the pool or hot tub parties, and more! Collect them all and match them with your favourite pool float!