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The SpyX Night Ranger Set is the ultimate set for your night ranger missions.

This set includes four awesome spy toys:

 Night Mission Goggles (sleek goggles with comfortable headset with battery pack and twin light beams... even a flip out scope for day time spying!)

  • Micro Motion Alarm (detects motion or vibration)
  • Micro Voice Disguiser (record your voice and play it back "twisted" to keep your identity safe)
  • Invisible Ink Pen (write and read secret messages to keep your secrets between only those who are "in the know")

A great gift set for any kid who wants to play spy.

Taking design cues from cutting edge technology and real field equipment, SpyX is the ‘Jr. James Bond’ line that has all of the gadgets needed to be a real life Spy!

Playing spy is a fun way for kids to use their imagination while learning valuable skills through engaging mission-based role play.

From listening devices and laser traps, to infrared goggles and more, SpyX has all the tools a budding secret agent needs!

Fun for all young spies ages 6+!