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  • MUSICAL MAYHEM: Test the drawing, miming, describing, trivia, & humming skills of your friends & family with this great hilarious Off The Record Game. Another blast of fun & games from Purple Donkey!
  • SIMPLE TO LEARN & EASY TO PLAY: This is a perfect game for music lovers and fans of board games and trivia. A quintessential choice for any party, family gathering, or after-dinner entertainment.
  • UNIQUE GAME: Spin the record to choose which round will be played, then draw a card. Then draw, mime, hum, or describe to help your teammates guess what it is! Guess at songs, artists, & instruments.
  • DETAILS: Put each other’s musical knowledge to the test. The Off The Record Game comes with 50 question cards, a pencil, a paper pad, and a record player spinner for selecting rounds.
  • ETHICAL SUPPLIER: We carefully select our suppliers. We pride ourselves on a strong ethical trading practice. We constantly review and audit materials used, production, and worker well-being.